Very Helpful FAQs:

Q:  Do you do custom work?
A:  Yes, I'm happy to design a custom cutting file for you, whether for your personal use or for your business.  Turnaround time and price depends on complexity of the design.  Most custom designs start at $10.

Q:  Are your cutting files compatible with my electronic cutter? 
A:  SVG files are compatible with most cutting machine software, including Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, Make the Cut (MTC), Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL), Brother Scan n Cut "Canvas" software, and Cricut Design Space.  DXF format can be used with Silhouette Studio basic edition and Cricut Design Space, among others. Not every design is available in every format, so please check before ordering as no refunds or exchanges can be made.  If you need a different format than what's offered, please ask!

Q:  Are your embroidery machines compatible with my embroidery machine?
A:  Our embroidery files are presented in a zip file with several different formats.  Please check your machine manual to make sure that a compatible file format is offered before purchase.  No refunds can be made on digital files.

Q: I downloaded the files but I can't find them on my computer.
A: The files will be wherever you have them directed to go in your browser's settings. I have mine set up to go to my desktop. Some people have it set up to go into a folder called Downloads. Some people have it set up so your browser prompts you where you want to save it. Since every computer is different, I can't tell you where your files are, you need to know where they are downloaded to.

Q:  How do I unzip the folder I purchased?
A:  That question is best answered with a quick Google search.  Include your operating system and version. i.e., "How to unzip files _______" (insert "Mac", "Windows 8", etc.

Q: When I try to open an SVG file in my Silhouette Studio software, I am getting a message "File not supported". What am I doing wrong?
A: When you get this message, it means that you do not have the Designer Edition upgrade to your Studio software. You can purchase the upgrade from my shop to allow you to use SVG files (as well as some other nifty features, including the ability to create Rhinestone designs).  Or you can simply use the DXF files.

Q: When I try to open my files, I get a message that they are corrupt. What should I do?
A: While rare, files can sometimes become corrupted when downloading from the internet. Simply download them again. If you are using Silhouette Studio and are getting a message that the file is corrupt. please update your software to the latest version. This is a known issue with older versions of Studio.

Q: I'm using the DXF files, but when I try to move or resize my design, it leaves pieces behind. Help!
A: DXF files come into your software "ungrouped" and all the same size. Try as I might, I can't prevent that from happening. To make your life easier, when opening a design or letter that has "holes" (e.g., B,D,O,P, etc.) select the entire letter, including all the holes, and "group" or "make compound path". This will keep everything together when you go to move or resize the letter.

Q: When I click on the file, I get an error message and the file won't open.
A: First, you must unzip the files you downloaded. Then, you should open your software and open the file from there. If you double click on a dxf file, nothing will happen because your computer doesn't know what program you want to use it with. If you simply double click on an svg file, it will open a picture of the file in Internet Explorer. You must open or import files from within the software you're using. 

Q: Can I use your designs to make items to sell?
A: Yes, you may use the file to create unlimited projects to cut and/or print items for personal use and to sell. You MAY NOT share, give, or sell the actual digital file(s), even if you change them to "make them your own".

Q: Can I get a refund if the file doesn't work with my software?
A: No, unfortunately, there are no refunds on electronic files. It is your responsibility to know what software you have and what type of files you can and cannot open with that software. Files have been tested extensively before listing.

Q; What if I still need help opening or using the files?
A: First, refer to the written instructions and video tutorial (if included). Those should answer all of your questions. If you still have questions, contact me and include the following information:
1. Whether or not you unzipped the files
2. Whether you are using a Mac or PC and the operating system; i.e., Windows 7, etc.
3. What software you are using, and what version (If Silhouette Studio, are you using Designer Edition?)
4. What steps you have taken so far.
5. What error message, if any, you are seeing.
Telling me these things initially saves a lot of back and forth and I'm able to help you much faster. There are also tons of YouTube videos out there for help with your software if you can't reach me after hours.

Q: When are you available to help?
A: My studio hours are 10 am to 5 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. All emails will be answered during this time. You may get an answer at other times if I'm checking email on my iPad or working late in the studio.